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Collaborative projects

Luke Jerram and Alistair Park with 'New Beginnings' collaborative project at Ashton Court

Working with other people to create collaborative work is always interesting and has led to some of my favourite projects. The piece above, called ‘New Beginnings’ is an artwork that was installed at Ashton Court in Bristol in 2022. I worked closely in collaboration with the internationally renowned artist, Luke Jerram, to make it happen.

The ‘Creative Reactions‘ exhibitions in 2019 were organised by the University of Bristol. They gave the chance to work with Dr Irina Lazar, a lecturer in structural engineering, to create a sculpture that was also a xylophone-like percussion instrument. One if my favourite moments was having the chance to explore the engineering department with Dr Lazar and looking its curious contents – including an almost complete helicopter (the blades had been removed) and a huge shaking table, used to test the effects of earthquakes on structures.

Wooden percussion sculpture that looks like potted plant - a collaborative project

If you have an idea for a collaborative project that I may be able to help with, I’d love to hear about it!