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Whisky and belly dancing

The company that produces Famous Grouse whisky introduced, in 2014, a new premium blend called Naked Grouse.

​As part of the marketing of this new brand, I was commissioned to turn and carve full-size replicas of the distinctive bottle in oak. Each one stood on an oak plinth, which contained lights that shone onto the wooden ‘bottle’.

The sculptures then travelled with me down to Mayfair and Marylebone in London. The second part of commission involved carving the logos of each bar where the promotion was running onto the relevant plinth, in the bar itself.

​At one bar, which was also a Lebanese restaurant, the friendly staff asked if I’d like some food and a drink. When I said that I was working, they insisted on bringing over a free glass of the best white wine in the house. Well, it would have been rude to refuse it!

​As I sat near the bar where I was working, drinking the wine, the evening’s entertainments began. Three very attractive women came out from a back room and began belly dancing right in front of me before heading out around the room. I had to put my carving tools down for a bit.

​No one could have expected me to work under those conditions!